FAQ: Where is freeware at your site?

Start browsing from http://www.newfreeware.com/programs/freeware/0-1.html
I got some messages like yours, but to browse freeware only you can
1. Click ‘freeware’ on the main page
2. Choose ‘freeware’ in the ‘filter’ window on any page of directory (like /programs/0-1.html)
3. Choose ‘freeware’ when you search from the main page
We have a lot of shareware, because authors mostly submits that type of software, but a lot of freeware too I think. Anybody is free to submit freeware to our site.

How does your trial version of your software work? Do you try it out and see if it’s what you need, then if it works for what you need you register at that time and if not, you delete it off your computer? I don’t want to try it until I understand what my obligations are.

Yes, you can try it and decide.
But not our software; software from many developers listed on the site.
Freeware is completely free programs, you can browse freeware only at the http://www.newfreeware.com/programs/freeware/0-1.html

Is it safe to buy software from your site?

Yes, it is safe. We don’t have an access to your personal data.

For ordering questions please contact Register Now! or RegSoft.com Inc.

Register Now!

Register Now!
P.O. Box 1816
Issaquah, WA 98027

United States (Toll Free) Order Phone Number: 1-877-353-7297
International Order Phone Number: +1-952-646-5331

RegSoft.com Inc.

RegSoft.com Inc.
9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

United States (Toll Free) Order Phone Number: 1-877-RegSoft (1-877-734-7638)
International Order Phone Number: +1-770-319-2718

How do I submit programs to your site?

First you need to register at http://www.newfreeware.com/login.php3?action=register.
After successful registration you can add the programs immediately.

I wish to upload a PAD file to your submit-a-program page. Clicking on “Retrieve” (retrieve the data from the PAD file on my PC?) produces a PHP error message.

‘Retrieve’ means your file is already uploaded in the web, it requires the location (http://…etc).

We’re interested in advertise on newfreeware.com (pick for 1 USD per day). Is it possible to pay by PayPal? We would prefer this way instead of RegSoft.

No, sorry, PayPal isn’t supported.
You can pay by RegSoft, V2V transfer on RegSoft or ShareIt.

What are the Rating and Summary numbers – how are they calculated?

Rating = Average_rating
Summary_rating = (Rating – 6.7) * Votes

We have a software registered in your site newfreeware.com, can you tell us statements how to register it in imagespro.com

Imagespro.com uses the same database as NewFreeware.com ‘Graphics & Video’ directory.

How “top shareware” list is calculated?

Top shareware is the list of most successful shareware products we can track.
By submitting your product at NewFreeware.com with your RegNow or RegSoft ID you can get high results of downloads and sales.
How it works:
Each affiliate sale is recorded, so each affiliate sale automatically makes the rank of the program higher. In a result it appear at the first page and receive more downloads and more sales in a result.

My program is listed on imagespro.com, newfreeware.com and freewareseek.com, but I can’t see it neither on shareware21.com nor audio.newfreeware.com. Is this possible for this program to be listed on these sites as well?

To be listed on shareware21.com you need to enter your RegNow or RegSoft ID.
To be listed on audio.newfreeware.com (dasound.com) your program must be located in Audio category.

From what I understand, I would be able to have my software available on your site for free. If I may be so direct, where’s the catch? Do I have to link to your site or do you get a cut of the charge for the software if the download converts to a sale?

We have an affiliate relationships with many software developers (in a result they have some promotion from us), so there is no catch ;). You can submit your software for free, no hidden costs or charges.
We are always happy when somebody links to our web site ;), but it is not required (yet ;).