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 XIOview - Image Zoom Applet

XIOview is a Java-Applet for displaying and zooming images on websites. Its intuitive usability, seamless integrability, and superior functionality make it a "best fit"-solution for many projects.

The applet loads and automatically scales any GIF or JPG still image. Zooming is performed by simply clicking on the applet's area, and the whole image can be explored by moving the mouse. The zoom magnification can instantly be modified.

Additionally, XIOview provides useful image filtering capabilities (e.g. gamma-correction) as well as support for direct modification of all its options at runtime using simple JavaScript-commands.


* 1-click image zoom: extremely easy intuitive user interface
* adds interactivity to your site, increasing visitors' attention and interest in your content
* saves much screen space for large images without reducing image size and detail
* reduces "image-theft", because the displayed image cannot be easily copied
* many powerful options
* high functional flexibility; can be adapted to fit almost any design
* very small file-size and cross-platform compatibility


Highly intuitive functionality:
* Zoom into any image with just one mouse-click.
* Move the mouse while zooming to scroll through the image.
* Adjust zoom magnification level using arrow-keys.

* Use any kind of GIF or JPG still image.
* Freely choose applet size.
* No graphical overhead, fits into any design.
* Numerous parameters for changing appearance functionality.

Image filtering capabilities:
* brightness
* contrast
* RGB-channel
* grayscale
* inversion
* gamma-correction
* filters selectively applicable to the entire image and/or the zoomed area
* smooth-filtering for zoom

* Instantly modify parameters during the applet's runtime using simple method-calls.
* Modify multiple parameters at the same time.

Requirements: requires a Java-enabled internet browser

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Quick facts
Product XIOview - Image Zoom Applet
Version 1.5.4
Publisher XIO® Software
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X/CE; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS
Filesize 960 K
Released 25-Jul-2008
License Shareware
Cost $68.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 87 (0)
Rating 10 (0)
Votes 6 (0)
Summary rating +6.00 (0)
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