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Top: Users: jogn1234
Name: JT
From: United States
Reviews by jogn1234
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Date Program Vote Message
18-Sep-2002 ReaConverter - Image Converter  10 I've converted every BMP into GIF!!! Then into JPG!! Then into BMP!!! I like it!!!
18-Sep-2002 ReaWatermark  10 I've made GREAT watermark with it for the photo of my boss :) Now he wants me to make all the images with our company logo as watermark :(
18-Sep-2002 ReaOptimizer  10 I finally found something that does what I want! My criteria for a program is that I'm working in 1 minutes. I downloaded several before this one, and finally found something I can use. I've optimized GIF up to 75%! More then they post. I am geting into a lather with it %) Who makes more?
18-Sep-2002 ReaJPEG Pro  10 I like JPG!!!!!!!!!! I like to convert anything to JPG! Thank you guys!!!!! This is the best program for me and JPG!
18-Sep-2002 ReaGIF convert to GIF  10 "Help!" This is a great program but my trial just expired. Does anyone know how to renew the trial somehow? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work. Help!
18-Sep-2002 ReaCompressor - image optimizer  10 I run dating site with 10000+ profiles all with photos :) Great! I compressed them all! It looks the same but my visitors feel good changes. tnx.
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