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Top: Users: Eagle_Tas
Name: Fredrik
From: Sweden
Reviews by Eagle_Tas
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16-Aug-2007 MIDI Tracker  7 I have tried MIDI Tracker for a while and made songs for professional sales in it. As far as I can tell, this is one of the best adaptions of MIDI in a tracker. However it suffers from various minor short-comings. One is the random crashing. When working in split mode, changing the order list sometimes corrupt the patterns, changing patterns while the song is playing and so on corrupts as well. Another problem is lack of documentation. Although MIDI Tracker is quite simple, most of the interface is left to the end user to figure out him-/herself. Third problem is lag between patterns when following songs. Although minor, it still remains irritating. To not make this review too one-sided, MIDI Tracker does have features that adds to it's power. One is the good one pattern per channel idea. It makes editing a bit easier when dealing with loops and repeats. Another is the optimisers who automatically rid your module of junk data like unused tracks. Between the bugs, glitches and mysteries, MIDI Tracker has stood up quite well along my trial period of generous 3 months and I definitely plan to purchase it. However, bug fixing and better documentation is definitely in order.
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