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29-Jun-2006 auCDtect NR why not have a try just for the free trial
29-Jun-2006 TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter  6 thx op i find this is helpful too!
29-Jun-2006 Tornado MIDI Software NR try this link you'll get amazing!
29-Jun-2006 Speed Video to Audio Converter NR here's the link ,hope you will share your feedback:
29-Jun-2006 Intelliscore Ensemble MP3 to MIDI Converter NR anybody who need helps can check this link and
Forum posts by longname
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Date Topic Post
29-Jun-2006 Presentation to Video Converter 1.2 maybe it's good ,i 'll have try.
29-Jun-2006 released iPod Video Converter for Mac thx op i download it and have a try,now i've buy it,cuz it is really a good progs,so i'd like to share my feedback, thx again~
28-Jun-2006 Can you help me to know- how to convert a Quicktime (video file) to VCD i've tried the xili video converter it really worked for me,thank u 3#
28-Jun-2006 any one know how to convert .rar to mpeg file?? extract the rar then you've got your movie's format then as the2# said that progs really helps.
27-Jun-2006 How can I convert a .CDA file( one Hour), to several .mp3s spliting is supported u can make it your onw way!
27-Jun-2006 mp3 software with scheduled tasks winamp maybe is just what u want.
22-Jun-2006 Best free cda to mp3 converter? free softwares are getting decreasing, we customers want get all things free but wiht out support on thing will be supplied.
22-Jun-2006 Extract DVD audio tracks to mp3 or wav what you ripper this for? to burn a cd or to play it in your mp3 player? .WAV is more lose-less. if you dont care the harddisk space ,try the .wav fomat.
22-Jun-2006 want to convert DAT. file in to WAV. how? DAT,you mean vcd video file or download from the internet? if it is a vcd ,you need a vcd ripper ,if it is a download file,you need a video converter. i'm a user of imtoo , indeed, it is good ,hehe good luck and have a nice day.
22-Jun-2006 Mc Lallo CD Cops Decryptor you mean your cd was digital protected so you cant ripper it to other formats? check is link ,i use the imtoo software to ripper my CDs this program can solve it.
22-Jun-2006 WMA to WAV wow hehe more and more xili users ,hehe glad to hear that. in the latest version the soft supports to ripper the cds ,try the trial version, check if it fits u.
22-Jun-2006 need a program that convert from RM to MP3 i'm a user or im2 too , this program is really the most fastest converter i have ever seen , try it i think you will get what u want.
21-Jun-2006 How to extract AUDIO from VIDEO file i download the xilisoft too ,it's perfect, indeed most of my music were converted by it!
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