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Top: Users: snowy
Name: L Russell
From: United States
Reviews by snowy
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Date Program Vote Message
31-Mar-2006 SD Advanced Audio Extractor NR Well, sorry to say, it does have embedded Save thingy and so I didn't install it. I'll keep looking. Now I'm wondering how much of the software here has this going on. :) So disappointed!
31-Mar-2006 auCDtect NR Moonspell, I found that by just installing the codecs my extractor (another freeware, not their free trial that you would have to pay for later) worked fine. Just install codecs only when it gives you the install options and use another extractor. I haven't tried their extractor program, so don't know about that one.
31-Mar-2006 DivX Codecs NR easy way to get the free codecs. just don't install the other components. they give you install options. cool.
31-Mar-2006 SD Advanced Audio Extractor NR This looks like what I've been looking for. If it has no ads attached, I will be very happy. Will write again if it turns out great.
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