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Top: Users: test
Name: tester
From: United States
Reviews by test
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Date Program Vote Message
22-Jan-2005 Player  10 good!
31-Mar-2004 Handy Recovery  10 great software
14-Mar-2004 SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer NR There a better ones and they are 100% free too.
14-Mar-2004 Dynamical Passwords  10 Great for creating wordlist to hack pornsites!!!
15-Dec-2003 Screen Privacy  10 Now you can jerk off to your favourite porn without looking over your
15-Dec-2003 AV Voice Changer Software  10 this is the shit for prank call's !
10-Dec-2003 TPlayer  9 Excellent bare bones music player...Loads music quick.
09-Dec-2003 Active@ KillDisk  3 in other words the freeware version is absolutely useless.
09-Dec-2003 Virtual Gallery: Sandra Bullock  10 This is SIK! ..i just shot my load in one of the halls.
09-Dec-2003 ALLXACCESS  1 its a bunch of crap! if you want to try to get free access then get the accessdiver programme.
09-Dec-2003 Anti-lost CD Ejector Lite  8 the ejaculator is a nifty piece of software.
09-Dec-2003 Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner  10 because your probably blond Sue.
09-Dec-2003 SoftPerfect Network Scanner  10 Excellent
09-Dec-2003 AV MP3 Player Morpher  1 pretty to look at. But also totally useless.
09-Dec-2003 Fire & EMS Screensaver  3 Why would anyone want this as a screensaver screen saver is beyond me...maybe a pyromaniac.
09-Dec-2003 Advanced Anti Spy  1 probably used by the author to spy on YOU! i wouldn't recommend this one.
09-Dec-2003 SigJenny  2 its crap like this that clogs up your registry files...belong's in SCHOOLPROJECTSWARE.
09-Dec-2003 Gencontrol  8 Do you want to take control of someone's computer? Then this is for you.
10-Sep-2003 SnatchIt!  10 Awesome product, totally worth 10X it's price! A must for any video content creator
26-Aug-2003 avast! Free Antivirus  9 While seems doesn't work, try to download software from their new sites: or or
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Forum posts by test
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Date Topic Post
10-Dec-2003 Looking for a Speech to Text Software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ReadPlease2002 google somewhere
10-Dec-2003 Looking for a Speech to Text Software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! download a programme called
10-Dec-2003 how to capture an image from DVD? Get powerdvd or some other shit and just click the camera icon to create screen capture.
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