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Top: Users: 8Ball
Name: 8Ball
From: Sweden
Reviews by 8Ball
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Date Program Vote Message
03-Nov-2004 EarthView  10 Sweet
03-Nov-2004 Free Kazaa Skins  10 GET A LIFE!
03-Nov-2004 UltraISO Premium  7 I started to use UltraISO for a long time ago and I am still using it now. But there is one feature the program is missing. UltraISO users can't edit BIN files and save them on the same image file. Because of this one missing feature I need to both use UltraISO and MagicISO. UltraISO to convert Images and MagicISO to edit and save BIN and other Image files.
21-Jul-2004 UltraISO Premium  10 10
21-Jul-2004 UltraISO Premium  10 I used MagicISO before I realised that MagicISO was crap. Now I am using UltraISO and I am 100% sure I will never change my ISO software again.
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