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Top: Users: LuciaKC
Name: Lucy
From: Brazil
Reviews by LuciaKC
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Date Program Vote Message
15-Jul-2004 #1 Video Converter  7 ok
08-Jul-2004 3D Fish School Screensaver  9 cute
08-Jul-2004 Lemonade Tycoon  5 Not my thing.
08-Jul-2004 ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro  1 It doesn't work. o.O Interesting. When the soft is good, it get bad reviews from the same people.. And when it's bad, only good reviews.. from the same people too. hmm...
08-Jul-2004 Video Master: Joiner,Splitter  1 I love Michail. lol Another that doesn't work at all. Interesting, only good reviews from the same people.
07-Jul-2004 River Past Video Cleaner  10 lol Somebody is desperate. hahahah Sorry if this software is fantastic and yours not. This woks with EVERYTHING I tried and is the only that can convert .mov in 100% sync. And without crashes or reboots. It's easy and fast. I'm posting this every single day because I know it sucks when your work is the best and some envious loser is trying to destroy your work instead of spending the time improving his own. But the funny thing is, it doesn't matter. Users can go and try do use your soft, but I tried EVERYTHING, and I KNOW they will be back here (because all the others converters suck big time) to try this and it'll work just fine. ;)
07-Jul-2004 Aqua Bubble 2  10 Dude, it isn't good, it's fantastic! lol
07-Jul-2004 Aqua Bubble 2  9 It's good.
07-Jul-2004 Bubble Shooter  10 I loved it!
07-Jul-2004 Puzzle Inlay  10 The third is pretty hard, but it's good.
07-Jul-2004 Jigsaws Galore Free Edition  10 Lovely!
07-Jul-2004 AVI/MPEG/ASF/WMV Splitter  10 Really good.
07-Jul-2004 River Past Video Cleaner  10 Faked review is yours, dumb liar. Everybody I know is downloading it because it's fantastic. Works and in SYNC. People, it's the same person with only ONE review voting just 1 to decrease the rating, but who cares? It's obvious. You can see the guy above with 218 reviews and he likes the damn thing. How old are you, brat?
07-Jul-2004 Easy AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner  9 It's good and works okay.
06-Jul-2004 River Past Video Cleaner  10 What? I just saw the reviews now and, hello? It's works 100%, it's not a spyware or change windows media player components. And by the way, all demos put watermarks on the files. It's why you need to buy. duh! wth? I loved this converter. If you don't (and I'm pretty sure y'all didn't even buy it), you can get your money back. It's obvious it's the same person voting 1. Users aren't retarded, give up losers.
06-Jul-2004 WinCAM 2000 Professional  4 Not worth of $149,00
06-Jul-2004 River Past Video Cleaner  10 It worked with MOV and it's pretty easy/good.
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