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Top: Users: penketh
Name: Carla Rodrigas
From: Mexico
Reviews by penketh
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24-Jun-2004 SiteSpinner  10 As good as, or better than all WYSIWYG web editors." I have tried and purchased previous WYSIWYG packages and have always been left with 'something's missing' in the program. Not so with SiteSpinner! From the very beginning one of the most important factors was a real person at the other end ALWAYS helping me stumble through the learning curve. I would have my answer within a day. They also have the best discussion forums with active members constantly providing tips/tricks. There is an easy to use FIND button that will bring up archives of posts related to a certain topic. Posting my projects on the website is so easy. I can post one page or many pages of a project. Since I have had the program, there has been 2 additional upgrades - the authors take suggestions seriously and will incorporate them as quickly as feasable.
21-Jun-2004 WebDwarf Free Web Page Maker  10 Web Dwarf is an easy to use drag-and-drop website creation tool with text editing, image and graphics editing, an FTP function to publish directly to your web site, A wonderful find with (get this) FREE support on the forum. These people go out of there way to help. It is great!
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New Freeware - Free Software Downloads
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