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Top: Users: vitalxs
Name: paul sorokin
From: United States
Reviews by vitalxs
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08-Mar-2004 Super DVD Creator  1 I just bought it on the web so I could finish making the video I have. On their web site it says that once purchased it is becomes available immidiatly however, I received an email saying the payment was processed but it will take up to 12 hours for them to send me an authorization code. I was pissed off since I suppose to be on the plane early in the morning and wanted to finish this film now so I could take it with me. I called their support line and after being on hold for 40 min spoke to the guy who calmly said that there is nothing they can do to speed this up. When I asked him for a refund he said that their refund policy is that I need to mail them a letter asking for a refund!!! I don't care if this software is good or bad but the company is a JOKE - I wasted $30 bucks and not able to do anything - what a rip off!!
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