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Top: Users: Alex
Name: Alex
From: Russian Federation
Reviews by Alex
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Date Program Vote Message
19-Feb-2016 Internet TV NR Thanks for your notification!
19-Feb-2016 MIDI Tracker NR MIDI Tracker is still alive. If you have any suggestions you can post it as review or send email to developer. Thank you!
04-Jan-2015 Icon Catcher  10 Very good program.
24-Mar-2013 MIDI Tracker NR Hello, everybody MIDI Tracker is alive and will be continued
20-Aug-2010 MIDI Tracker NR Visit, use $10 discount coupon to purshase MIDI Tracker.
01-Dec-2005 MIDI Tracker NR Please post your comments here. Do you like it or not? What do we need to do with MT to make it better? I'm waiting for your comments.
22-May-2005 Alive Video Converter  10 Good one
09-Mar-2005 MP3 MMF Converter NR I think no, T610 supports MIDI files as ringtones, not Wav or Mp3.
07-Feb-2005 Blaze Media Pro  10 I like this program. It is fully-functional multi-purpose tool.
06-Mar-2004 Little Memory Scanner  10 I think it's good application. It is completely free, small, but it works. It makes more than I can expect in 79K.
06-Mar-2004 Winnow Anonymous Proxy NR emmada212, did you try to use usual proxy server?
11-Jan-2004 AV Voice Changer Software NR No password is required for trial version. Code you asked is registration code for the full version. Just close this dialog to continue.
07-Jan-2004 ZipZag NR Guys, use Reget Deluxe as download manager and everything will be Ok. I didn't see this program, but Mikhail tells it's good -> it's good.
12-Nov-2003 MoviePlay  4 No viruses here, but program crashes while opening audio file.
12-Nov-2003 DivX Codecs NR To download Xvid codec use
12-Nov-2003 Application Warp Memory Manager NR Link is ok
11-Oct-2003 Ulead GIF Animator  10 You may choose the program you want, but Ulead products are always better than average, not just a little more expensive
11-Oct-2003 DivX Codecs NR After clicking 'Download', choose DivX and choose 'Standard DivX Codec(FREE)' on the next page.
10-Oct-2003 DivX Codecs NR If you can't find download button: click CTRL-F and enter 'Download'
10-Oct-2003 AQ-Player NR Download link is OK
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Forum posts by Alex
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Date Topic Post
24-Aug-2010 STOP SPAM! Let me tell you again. STOP SPAMMING THE FORUM!!!
24-Aug-2010 How to upload, download YouTube video and watch them on on iPod, iPhone, Zune or other portable players
24-Jan-2010 were do i find 'vids:xvid' decompressor? vids:XXXX - where XXXX is 'fourcc code' of the codec. xvid is XVid codec.
24-Jan-2010 How to upload, download YouTube video and watch them on on iPod, iPhone, Zune or other portable players Use Browser SX to download YouTube video.
24-Jan-2008 Hi again I hope you like some new features, like ↓ & ↑ in the search results and not only.
16-Jul-2005 How do you use UltraEdit to find to find hidden bitmaps in programs There are some plugins for Total Commander, such as 'Resource Viewer' or standalone programs
04-Apr-2005 scr to jpeg Press 'Print Screen' button, load your image editor and choose 'Paste from Clipboard'. I'm suggest to use Ulead Photoimpact, but you can use even 'Paint' from windows accessories.
04-Apr-2005 want to convert DAT. file in to WAV. how? Please do not advertise in this forum. There is 'Software annoucements' forum for that kind of deal. Thanks!
04-Apr-2005 Extract DVD audio tracks to mp3 or wav Take a llok at
04-Apr-2005 Best free cda to mp3 converter? Best free is CDex SaveCD trial works good for DJ Mixes:
12-Feb-2005 Reports Well, new scripts, new problems, you know. But it seems to be fixed and it's a good news. Some new features become available: Clicks statistics at Advertising page are limited to 100 items per page.
07-Feb-2005 Rework Many things on the site are improved. For example, reverse search order is available: (i.e. Most things may not be visible for users, but it give us ability to improve the site more frequently (not just contents, but the scripts), so I'm very optimistic about it and I hope you enjoy the results. Probably not now, but soon. (Please report any bugs it may bring.) Thanks! Alex --
07-Feb-2005 Please don't spam What a reason to Aspose software to spam with links on this forums? I don't believe software developer who submits 10s links on the single page to his own program can develop quality product. By doing this you 'ask' me to remove all your comments in the forum, and you can get nothing in result. Please think about it. With best regards, Alex
13-Jan-2005 Forum rule The main rule is not to post cracks and links to cracks sites here. These messages will be deleted and users may be banned. Best regards, Alex --
13-Jan-2005 Feedback This is a place for your thoughts on our site and our forums
13-Jan-2005 Forum is back Forum is back to the site.
13-Jan-2005 browse files from a web server Hello, If index page (usually index.html) exists on a web site, you can't access directory index. The only way is, is to parse all 'a href' tags from the source of the page. There are how web-robots work.
13-Jan-2005 sos best free / audio software
13-Jan-2005 where to find a program that plays div3 formats? Many programs including Windows Media Player. You need to have div3 codec installed on your system.
10-Nov-2003 codec for divx
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