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 The Fly98

VFW based software for watching and capturing video and/or audio from BrookTree BT848/BT878/BT879 based TV-tuner card. Features: Frequency scanning (40-900Mhz), scheduler, capturing video and audio directly to hard disk in any possible installed format (for example mpeg4 video + mpeg3 audio avi file), skins support, multilingual support, and many others features.
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
24-Jan-2004 10 PJE i have an bt878 fusion card... will t work? pls reply
22-Jan-2004 10 faizu i have mercury tv-tuner card conexant bt878khf but i don't have the driver for it
06-Jan-2004 10 Pulsator Hi I have an Origo TV Capture Card. It is Conexant Fusion 878A based. The leaflet states it is useable in XP but MaxTV, the tuner software, crashes everytime I start it. I have updated my DirectX, Soundcard drivers (Creative 4.1 Digital) and used the DirectX pastch from the CD but nothing helps. Anyone able to get me out of this mess?
27-Dec-2003 10 chater y have the same hardrwar(bt878 ) but i havent a driver so i give you my e-mail and please contact my ir tranfer the driver to my thinks
06-Dec-2003 NR p0lar The Brooktree TV Tuner Cards are compatible with WinXP, 2000, ME and 9x. Both, the drivers and application for viewing TV (for all microsoft operative systems) can be found at: The only drawback of having one of these Brooktree TV Tuner cards with Windows XP or Windows 2000 is that you can not define the video codec for recording. This is by design, it's not a bug or a flaw, and the reason is that TView2000 (the application software for tunning and watching TV) is still experimental under these NT-like OS. If you have no intention or interest on custom video recording, TView2000 is fine. While not being able to select a custom video codec with TView2000, you still can record, but the output video file will be an uncompressed raw AVI. If you would like to select a different, better, faster, lighter codec like, for example, DivX or MPEG, it is only possible to select them for recording with TView99, which is only available to Windows 9x. Basically the differences are that on WinXP and Win2k, the button "Video Compression" will be disabled, but you still can record and watch the TV. Brooktree cards are supported also in BSD operating systems, lilke FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. So it is very likely that a Linux driver can be found, and hopefully it's already compiled into a mainstream linux distribution like RedHat. For software, you can try 'fxtv'.
17-Nov-2003 10 anshumangaur same problem- can't get my BT848 TV tuner to work with XP. Any help will be appriciated
16-Nov-2003 10 Jimmymac I have just installed Windows XP and it does not support WIn98 BT 848. How can I correct this. Any help would be appreciated
06-Nov-2003 10 abdou i have conference tvcard (bt878 khf) and I haven't driver in xp?
02-Nov-2003 10 Butterfly I have the same question: I have just installed Windows XP and it does not support WIn98 BT 848. How can I correct this. Thank you for any reply.
29-Oct-2003 10 nettisue has all the drivers you'd need for any version of OS.
08-Oct-2003 10 roodmik i have mercury tv tuner i havenot driver for xp and dosenot work remote controll please help me
24-Sep-2003 10 erotic Hi. i'm from Mauritius...I have a Zoltrix Genie Tv card..Can someone please tell me how can i watch Canal on it...information on the key.txt where to get it... Mail me on: (I'm not a hacker)
23-Sep-2003 10 raprap my tv tuner card is from mercury branded and it has fm socket how can i us that plz help what is best s/w for viewing from tv tuner card
30-Aug-2003 9 florinn23 I have a TV Card with BT 878 and I don`t have the original drivers and it doesn`t work well with others
14-Aug-2003 10 ashes Who can answer the simple question hov to make ACORP TV tuner vork\?
08-Aug-2003 10 CATMAN i have a brooktree bt848 tv card but i cannot get it to work i dont have the original software i ttried so many and they all fail PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME
30-Jul-2003 10 sony_129 the crash is look like heart beat help me!!!! i already do manual way with linux, i already build my own capture soft but its not helpfull
30-Jul-2003 10 sony_129 i use fly video tv card n i use nVidia AGP card n theres something cash with my TV , help me !!! I use redHad 9 n Win XP
27-Jun-2003 10 DILDKE BEST
17-Apr-2003 10 ozancesmeci My problem is the same...I have a fly98 tv card and I do not have its drivers for windows xp...Can Somebody Please Tell Me Where Can I Find Them or What To Do?
02-Apr-2003 NR Lypsik I can't use this prog, because the bt878 has 2 inputs - Air & Cable. Unfortunately
09-Mar-2003 10 Drwho there is a universal Driver\'s at
01-Mar-2003 10 hosoxus I have the same compatibility problem between XP and BT878 driver ? Who knows a good and already tested drivers download web site
01-Mar-2003 10 hosoxus I have the same question: I have just installed Windows XP and it does not support WIn98 BT 848. How can I correct this. Thank you for any reply.
27-Feb-2003 10 TVguy Very very wierd. This review has become a forum. For best answers to all your questions, go to the tvcard forum.(see link below) It is an international web forum for anyone with a tv card anywhere around the world. Also those who have tried this and liked it, you might wanna go there and help out other guys with cards similar to yours. The link to that site is remember theres a
22-Feb-2003 10 virustoyouu hi i have a old media viewer tuneur card and i have a windows nt hi ont display 4 me the tv ??? why can help me :
17-Feb-2003 10 naeem_soon here it is pixel view TV tuner drivers at i m naeem from Pakistan.
08-Feb-2003 10 nidip I have the same compatibility problem between XP and BT878 driver ? Who knows a good and already tested drivers download web site
08-Feb-2003 10 rcons Ihave the same question, I'm using win XP and when I try to download BT 848 at and tried to install it twas not compatible with my OS, Thanks for any reply.
29-Jan-2003 10 klapps i search to uncode canal with a pinnacle tv pro... is it possible? with windows XP? it isn't a BT 8*8 but a CN... help me please
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Quick facts
Product The Fly98
Version 2.7
Publisher Serge Andyk
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 967 K
Released 11-Oct-2001
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Expiration Unknown
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 92760 (0)
Rating 9.30 (0)
Votes 6749 (0)
Summary rating +5324.42 (0)
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