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 The Fly98

VFW based software for watching and capturing video and/or audio from BrookTree BT848/BT878/BT879 based TV-tuner card. Features: Frequency scanning (40-900Mhz), scheduler, capturing video and audio directly to hard disk in any possible installed format (for example mpeg4 video + mpeg3 audio avi file), skins support, multilingual support, and many others features.
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
10-Oct-2004 10 xavierxxcc please send me Fly98 drivers (for XP) THANKS FOR ...
10-Oct-2004 10 xavierxxcc please send me Fly98 drivers (for XP)
02-Oct-2004 10 sumit_2204 plz send me the driver of mercury TV tuner card .
16-Sep-2004 10 libras ok
23-Aug-2004 10 sykusia6 please help me . i sercg driver for tv card fly video 98 my system is windwos xp professional my adress e-mail is
09-Aug-2004 10 pss please send mercury bt878khf tvtuner card driver & software for win98 & winXP send this e-mail address :
27-Jul-2004 10 rechinnappa my P4 128mb DDR with a 40GB hard disk(5400 rpm) has slowed down after installing windows XP personel i desperately need that OS give me a solution to speed up my system it is almost one year old
24-Jul-2004 10 alexven i have some problem with TView2000, i can't hear the sound is too low. someone can help me? mail me to:
24-Jul-2004 3 alexven problems with sound, need help!
24-Jul-2004 10 alexven i have some problem with TView2000, i can't hear the sound is too low. someone can help me?
21-Jul-2004 10 Dachos Hello, I would like to ask you if there is a possibility to setup channels manually on Acorp BT878 tv/fm tuner or not.
21-Jul-2004 10 Dachos Hello, I bought Acorp BT878 tv/fm tuner. Everything works except setup of channels. Be so kind and tell me is there possibility for me to setup the channels in my way or autoscan option is my only way! Thanks in advance!
18-Jul-2004 10 indraraj20 i want a other software for mercury tv tuner card (internal) Shailendra
09-Jul-2004 10 Mukul i want conexant fusion 878a mercury tv card driver
28-Jun-2004 10 kaushik_108 i want a software for mercury tv tuner card (internal)
22-Jun-2004 10 palet good tv player
09-Jun-2004 10 cparada seriaaaal please please
24-May-2004 10 pticica I have the same compatibility problem between XP and BT878 driver ? Who knows a good and already tested drivers download web site :((((((((
02-May-2004 10 syg i need fly98 serial no#
23-Apr-2004 10 abay i want mercury bt878 tv tuner driver.exe
06-Apr-2004 7 drivers seriaaaal pleaaaaasee :)
01-Apr-2004 8 just_yopi give me BT 848 driver please, and Fly 98 serial number
17-Mar-2004 10 logence i want conexant fusion 878a mercury tv card driver
02-Mar-2004 10 hiya You may be able to force an older drive, preferrably one for win2k, to work on XP. I have even seen them work with drivers designed for NT
29-Feb-2004 10 dakjef My MSVideo:BrooktreeBt848 will NOT allow me to use MSN messenger video cam! Says I have camera in use in another program ! But have no other programs running! (that I know of)
21-Feb-2004 10 gokhan a
13-Feb-2004 10 hany i want the driver bt878khf
24-Jan-2004 5 sefa The Fly98 serial number
24-Jan-2004 10 sefa serial
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Quick facts
Product The Fly98
Version 2.7
Publisher Serge Andyk
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 967 K
Released 11-Oct-2001
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Expiration Unknown
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 92760 (0)
Rating 9.30 (0)
Votes 6749 (0)
Summary rating +5324.42 (0)
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