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 River Past Video Cleaner

River Past Video Cleaner is a easy-to-use, flexible, powerful, and fast video converter.

It convert video from 3G video (3GPP/3GPP2), ASF, AVI, DAT (VCD), DivX, DV, FLC/FLI Flic animation, animated GIF, IVF, Matroska MKV, QuickTime MOV, MP4 (MPEG-4), MPEG-1, OGG Media OGM, RealMedia RM/RAM, and WMV to AVI, WMV, DivX, XviD, DV, MKV and OGM. With optional booster packs, you can even convert to animated GIF, QuickTime MOV, and still images.

It can convert from un-encrypted DVD, from individual chapters or several seamless chapters as one unit.

You have the full control over video and audio compressions. The compresses are loaded dynamically. Supported video codecs include Cinepak, DivX, DV, Indeo 3, 4, and 5, Motion JPEG, Microsoft Video 1, Xvid, and more. You can adjust video codec, video quality, video size, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate, channel, and bitrate.

If you have videos which cause audio/video sync problems, use River Past Video Cleaner to clean up timecode in those bad videos. It can also be used to convert between NTSC and PAL.

With Animated GIF Booster Pack, you can output the video to animated GIF files or FLC animation. This is the easiest way for web masters to create moving thumbnails for the video.

With Image Sequence Booster Pack, you can output the video to still images, including BMP, GIF, or JPEG files.

With MOV Booster Pack, you can convert to QuickTime MOV movies. With MPEG-4 Booster Pack, you can convert to MP4 movies. With the optional 3GP Booster Pack, you can output to 3GPP or 3GPP2 video. With MPEG-2 Booster Pack, you can convert to MPEG-2, MPEG-1, VCD, SVCD and DVD media files.

You have the same control including video and audio codec, video size, frame rate, quality, audio sample rate, channel and bitrate.

Tags are supported for certain formats.

Compatible with Windows Vista.


Requirements: 500 mhz PC CPU, DirectX 8.0, WMF9
Trial version Limitations: Unregistered version adds watermark to the output video
Awards: editor's pick, editor's choice, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
14-Oct-2003 9 Review team 9/10
01-Sep-2003 10 Review team 10/10
23-Dec-2005 8 Majin Not a bad program it can convert tons of files even MKV and ogg files. Most Mkv files and ogg files have 2 diff audio files (Eng and Jap) and this program seems to pick the default audio file and I see no way of changeing that option when trying to convert. Other than that it converts allmost anything and works really fast.
11-Jul-2005 1 tninja a piece of s...
11-Jul-2005 10 chardrimando vbxcvbxcvb
08-Mar-2005 9 tmlingam i tried and conberted the mpeg file to avi easily...
11-Jan-2005 1 lppouy this converter does NOT work
06-Dec-2004 10 rajdeep It works, It helps me to save dat files in my nokia 6230.It converts full lenth dat song to 3gp nokia format:-Raj form India
21-Sep-2004 1 evcII Esay Video converter is better
12-Sep-2004 1 Zamarilha Float Right Past this one! Useless program - it only actually can convert AVI or MPEG files, anything else (tried hundreds of ASF/MOV/MP4 files) requires downloading additional files -- which ones it doesn't say -- yet on installation, my system exceeds all reqs and I have dozens and dozens of codecs installed from different sources, including all the ones that I am trying to play! Get this -- I can playback (read: DE-CODE) any of the afformentioned files in Windoze Media Player, (along with many others) why shouldn't this be able to open the same files, when it's running on DirectX & c. as well?!? RiverPast should think about testing their program more carefully, so that it gives some informative feedback when (as always) it does work. 2 points for nice fast install UNINSTALL program (works v.well ;-) BTW: the demo puts a watermark on all your files (if you can get it to work)!
09-Sep-2004 1 lackham one of the worst downloads i eve saw! a pure piece of s...
02-Sep-2004 1 loewei This program does not recognize the 3gp format, it tries to read them then exits with an error message
01-Sep-2004 1 Cartesy does not work with mov movies
23-Aug-2004 1 Lazlo does not work at all on my computer, i have to reboot every time i try to convert.
18-Aug-2004 9 fuzzbuttz Converted my 3gp files to avi with no probs at all. Only soft I can find that does! Trust me, I knew nothing about video formats before buying my 7610 & finding the crappy Nokia app won't do half what I want. Did you guys bother to read the instruction during installation to update the MS runtime files? Would get 10/10 from me if the help files were more comprehensive. And yes, I'm actually gonna pay for this (unless anyone's got a crack for it thar they care to share)!
11-Aug-2004 1 halo21 a pure waste of time, did not convert any mpeg
26-Jul-2004 1 tester24 Could not convert any ogm, the soft does not recognize them. It tells that my ogm files don't contain any video :-))
14-Jul-2004 1 bushy nothing works, does not read the mov videos
12-Jul-2004 2 TRex Does no do what it claims
12-Jul-2004 10 jowy is ok
09-Jul-2004 1 JimmySIG Another that doesn't work at all. Interesting, only good reviews from the same
08-Jul-2004 10 Roberta_masour neat and efficient program. did the job well.
07-Jul-2004 10 LuciaKC lol Somebody is desperate. hahahah Sorry if this software is fantastic and yours not. This woks with EVERYTHING I tried and is the only that can convert .mov in 100% sync. And without crashes or reboots. It's easy and fast. I'm posting this every single day because I know it sucks when your work is the best and some envious loser is trying to destroy your work instead of spending the time improving his own. But the funny thing is, it doesn't matter. Users can go and try do use your soft, but I tried EVERYTHING, and I KNOW they will be back here (because all the others converters suck big time) to try this and it'll work just fine. ;)
07-Jul-2004 1 npo suks. makes the computer reboot a few times a day, clamps down on your disk drive so that you are forced to reboot and gives major errors when adding files to the playlist. all the defaults are set to loading things off the net automatically (which takes ages) and every time it crashes (which happens often) the defaults (and the pain) is back. looks great but hell too use.
07-Jul-2004 1 Clams does not work, even if the author gives a reate of 10
07-Jul-2004 10 LuciaKC Faked review is yours, dumb liar. Everybody I know is downloading it because it's fantastic. Works and in SYNC. People, it's the same person with only ONE review voting just 1 to decrease the rating, but who cares? It's obvious. You can see the guy above with 218 reviews and he likes the damn thing. How old are you, brat?
06-Jul-2004 1 suridid faked reviews, this soft will NOT convert any mpeg video
06-Jul-2004 10 LuciaKC What? I just saw the reviews now and, hello? It's works 100%, it's not a spyware or change windows media player components. And by the way, all demos put watermarks on the files. It's why you need to buy. duh! wth? I loved this converter. If you don't (and I'm pretty sure y'all didn't even buy it), you can get your money back. It's obvious it's the same person voting 1. Users aren't retarded, give up losers.
06-Jul-2004 10 LuciaKC It worked with MOV and it's pretty easy/good.
02-Jul-2004 8 Volkman Tried 8 different converters - this is the only one that has successfully converted mp4 and mov files without a sync problem. Easy to use too!
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Quick facts
Product River Past Video Cleaner
Version 7.8
Publisher River Past
Platform Windows Vista/XP/ME/2000/98
Filesize 2,006 K
Released 28-Feb-2010
License Shareware
Cost $29.95
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 53148 (0)
Rating 5.53 (0)
Votes 239 (0)
Summary rating -84.03 (0)
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