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 DivX Codecs

DivX codecs (free) includes:
  • Original DivX encoder and decoder
  • MPEG-4 Simple Profile
  • Includes official
  • DivX Player
  •   Download  
    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    06-May-2003 10 jerrys Very easy install. Supported Div3 very well. Now I can watch my seinfeld episodes. Thanks
    01-May-2003 10 josie u need ffdshow to have sounds
    29-Apr-2003 9 canuck45 downloaded the latest d5 free copy. installed in about 15 seconds and runs fine..........
    27-Apr-2003 10 tigertail good
    24-Apr-2003 10 Comont Yeah
    20-Apr-2003 8 cruquius good luck
    19-Apr-2003 10 Sisqo i need a Code DX50 ??? do someone know where i can find it ???
    19-Apr-2003 10 fiatvox very good
    19-Apr-2003 10 todd i need DIV3 codec download
    19-Apr-2003 10 quen DIV3
    13-Apr-2003 10 tonycary I need software codec div3
    13-Apr-2003 NR solidlunatic Um, yeah. I would rate it if I could donwload it...
    12-Apr-2003 10 simon666 when i came to your site my mouse got all aroused and my hard drive had palpatations
    12-Apr-2003 10 iulik i'll be back if it doesn't work :(
    10-Apr-2003 9 Culgan how do i download this thing??
    10-Apr-2003 10 mikey thank you!!!!!!!
    10-Apr-2003 10 pooper I need to download the product befor i can say if i like it or not.
    09-Apr-2003 10 driver2 It was owesome!!! Its...its....magic!
    06-Apr-2003 10 moumou super
    04-Apr-2003 10 tweeker yes
    04-Apr-2003 NR heavyd what im i doing here
    03-Apr-2003 10 rfranco In your site I found all what I was looking for!!! Thank you!
    03-Apr-2003 6 disabj2 i am going to love it as soon as you let me download it--you saved the day
    02-Apr-2003 7 Barman where I can get htme
    25-Mar-2003 10 beanstorm Your site is a breath of fresh air
    24-Mar-2003 10 raven23 i was mad about this problem,thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    19-Mar-2003 5 girts Vhere I can Find Vids:Xpeh Codeck?
    14-Mar-2003 10 wotsit88 magic i thought all the films i downloaded were rubbishthen i found this
    13-Mar-2003 10 sigore gooooooooooooooooooood
    09-Mar-2003 10 dellboy thanks I dont get out a lot to see, a lot of films, because I am registered disabled, you people are the only one,s that care thanks to you all.
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    Quick facts
    Product DivX Codecs
    Version 7
    Publisher DivXNetworks, Inc
    Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; Macintosh
    Filesize 3,000 K
    Released 07-Mar-2003
    License Freeware
    Cost $0.00
    Expires Never Expires
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 260505 (0)
    Rating 9.11 (0)
    Votes 10692 (0)
    Summary rating +7809.67 (0)
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