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Create web albums from your digital photos, or any file, just the way you want it with this award winning software.

- Manage your photos
jAlbum has a built in image editing features for basic image re touching and a file handling system. Polish the photos you like and remove the bad ones. It's just a matter of drag and drop.

- Customize your album
Use flexible templates called "skins" to create customized albums in HTML, Flash or any other format. Add advanced functionality like shopping cart, music and more. New skins are continuously added to by creative jAlbum users, for you to download. Be sure to check them out.

- Publish and share
Publish your albums to the hosting on or any site with jAlbum's built in FTP support. Share your albums and receive feedback on

- Add widgets
Widgets are fun tools that add functionality to your jAlbum such as commenting on photos and easy browsing between your albums.

Requirements: Pentium II CPU, 128MB RAM, 15MB disk space, N/A video card, Java 1.6
Awards: NoNags 6-Best, Five cow rating in Tucows, Five star rating in

Reviews / View as Forum Thread
19-Sep-2003 8 Review team 8/10
02-Jul-2010 NR BiancaSMonica Nicholas2n what is your email? Its Bianca your Santa Monica friend back from Europe :)
19-Apr-2010 NR snappypixels Use their hosting site and software. I find it easy, fast with great skins and widgets to choose from. You can create your own Theme on their hosting site. If you want clean , nice looking albums , choose, Jalbum.. I have found it to be top notch above others. Would recommend to anyone in Amateur and Professional arena of photography or simply a place to share family and friends photos. Fantastic Gallery Showplace. You can visit my website here and check it out yourself. Visit other galleries as well , some fantastic photography of all kinds. Snappypixels Kat Morgan
13-Dec-2008 10 chiavet I am using version 8.0.9. Great product Just what I have been looking for. The ease of use is wonderful. The choices of different looks (skins) is wonderful. Their support forum is A I would recommend this to anyone out there.
21-Nov-2007 10 origamiste Ce programme est fabuleux car il est personnalisable, simple utiliser, efficace, intuitif, lger (les temps de rponse sont plus que satisfaisant), agrable bref un logiciel incontournable et incontestablement indispensable... Bravo aux programmeurs et toutes l'quipe de JAlbum... Sorry my English is so poor... I can say : JAlbum application is very very excellent, powerfull, perfectly good etc. Congratulations...
09-Oct-2007 10 kiya_net Abolutely fantastic product. I have just put up an album on their new hosting service, it looks awsome, I did it all by myself (no help from the tecky husband) and ITS ALL FREE. I completely fail to understand the less than positive reviews on this page, they must be talking about another product or have computers that do not work properly. LOVE IT and will be using it a lot more.
04-Mar-2007 NR Aukcje Fantastic software. I careate site about JAlbum (Aukcje Internetowe) and promote in Poland. Greetings
06-Nov-2006 10 karina1481 It's Free, It's Easy, and the galleries look awesome!
23-Jun-2006 9 roblarosa I like sharing photos, but many of the free picture hosting sites are tedious to use or too slow and cumbersome. JAlbum makes it EXTREMELY EASY to create web pages from you images and, it's very fast! I also love the built in FTP feature. It makes uploading my albums to my ISP very simple.
14-Feb-2006 10 sgborja FANTASTIC!
23-Nov-2005 10 alicorn2 I love this program -- I use it at home and at work. It can be a bit tricky to install originally if you have multiple versions of java installed, but other than that it's easy. Once installed, you can accept all defaults and get awesome albums, or tinker to your heart's content and make it do exactly what you want.
09-Nov-2005 10 EuroBoa With version 6 out now, this truly is a magnificent Photo Album generator! So easy to use and still so powerful! I am so thankful that this is a free program. Thanks David for making this great tool available to all of us. :)
15-Aug-2005 9 bosgra The best software out there for making good looking galleries the easy way. Try the bananalbum skin, look for proof on
05-Aug-2005 10 fdegast Don't bother looking for a better program. Have no problems installing and/or using JAlbum. Proof at (sorry, only in dutch)
03-Aug-2005 9 akclimber This software rocks. Easy to use, works as advertised and good community support with skins and forums. Simply amazing that it's free.
03-May-2005 1 magical does not work at all, useless
30-Apr-2005 9 LauraS As can be seen by the different reviews, this is a great program to use, but only if you're prepared to understand it. Written in Java, and using customised templates, theres a learning curve involved. If you want a simple program that just generates a grid of thumbnails with a few options, you can use just about any program. Where JAlbum comes into it's own, is in its level of customisation. You can change the template files, use variables and sophisticated techniques to display collections of images, but there's a steep learning curve at first. Once you're over that, it's a great program, but if you don't get to that point, it's just obscure.
25-Apr-2005 1 zurcka not a good one
25-Apr-2005 10 eskimo After a long search, try and throw away routines I've found JAlbum. I convert all of my galleries with this simple and useful program on the
20-Apr-2005 1 magdane87 all faked reviews... this program is a pain to use
20-Apr-2005 10 tjustice This is the best FREE program I've ever used (short of perhaps WinZIP and McAfee, back when it free and more like a utility than a virus itself.) The best recommendation I can give is this: go look at some of the sites powered by this program, including ours, my first web page design: Visit the JAlbum forum, under USER ALBUM SHOWCASE for more great examples. This is exactly what I wanted, for people to be wowed by my wife's incredible photos, not the distracting page design.
10-Apr-2005 9 LeonCheong The best way to share alburm with friends and family. It would be perfect if can generate thumnail from videos! Am I asking too much?
02-Apr-2005 10 kmullins There isn't a package out today that you can buy, that does a better job than JAlbum. David Ekholm is a genius.
29-Mar-2005 10 123654 this is the best
07-Feb-2005 NR bsr TahnkQ sir
05-Nov-2004 10 samotech I've been looking to buy a good web album package for some time trying lots of demo's, shareware etc and couldn't find one I liked! Then I found JAlbum, this program is simply superb, simple to use, and even better it's free.
26-Sep-2004 10 sadr_ba I don't have ever seen such a great an free product for making Photo Album in any platform...
06-Aug-2004 10 petrip What an excellent piece of work! COmpact, powerful, extensible - and free! I love it!
21-Jul-2004 10 Muzungu When I first saw the comments on this page I just couldn't believe the comments where from real users; they where too positive. But now i've downloaded and tried it... WOW , this program is realy GREAT!! I've searched for something like this for a very long time, downloaded hundreds of programs to try, but this is it! I only can't believe it's for free! This is what every Digi-Camera owner needs.
18-Jul-2004 10 mdranch The best web photo album out there. The new skins have made it oustanding in page generation and in features after file generation.
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Quick facts
Product jAlbum
Version 13.1
Publisher Datadosen
Platform Windows Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; Macintosh; Linux; Other OS
Filesize 10,650 K
Released 21-Mar-2016
License Demo
Cost $0.00
Expires Expires after 30 Days
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 8125 (0)
Rating 8.66 (0)
Votes 978 (0)
Summary rating +583.15 (0)
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