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 Word Up

The thinking person's word game! Make as many 3 - 9 letter words as you can by clicking on Letter Tiles adjacent or diagonal to each other. The bigger the word, the bigger you score - and the longer you get to stay in the game.

In Arcade mode, you need to achieve certain threshold scores in order to level up and stay in the game. You can make as many words as you like - but you have to get to your points goals before time runs out!

In Strategy or Vanilla mode, you have unlimited time to achieve certain threshold scores in order to level up and stay in the game. But you must get it done in 15 words or less in each level - so take your time and go for big words!

Either way - as levels progress, you need to stay on your toes as your spelling prowess is put to the test.

How many levels can you conquer??? Download Free Trial now!

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
17-Oct-2003 10 Review team 10/10
28-Jul-2003 8 Review team 8/10
05-Dec-2003 9 jessica97401 This game is rad. Thanks for the free trial.
21-Nov-2003 10 b1dxmw67 I thought "Bookworm" was the best word game I'd played until I discovered "WORD UP." It is in a class by itself. When money is available, WORD UP is #1 on my Wish List. Thanks for allowing me to try it. It truly is addictive. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Elaine Halliwell
14-May-2003 10 katie i love word up!
11-Mar-2003 9 dawrie57 I have found that my spelling is actually getting better. I am addicted to try to beat my sister\'s score of 10a,346,250
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Quick facts
Product Word Up
Version 1.0
Publisher Skunk Studios
Platform Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95
Filesize 1,620 K
Released 01-Dec-2002
License Shareware
Cost $19.95
Expires Expires after 5 Uses
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 1922 (0)
Rating 8.33 (0)
Votes 3 (0)
Summary rating +1.48 (0)
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