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This could be the last calculator you will ever want. With a flexible work area and user-selectable button panels, this multi-purpose tool packs all the functionality you can expect in a calculator.

  • A flexible work area lets you type in your calculations directly. It is as simple as a regular text editor, and you can further process your results the same way.
  • Use financial functions: future value, present value, interest rate and more.
  • Exponentials functions: exp, ln, log, fact, pow, root and more.
  • Fractional and whole number processing: ceil, floor, round, sRound and more.
  • Random number generation, real or complex, linear or gaussian.
  • Seven different numeric formats for all needs: scientific (1.23e-45), currency (12,345.00), fractional (1 2/3) and more. Each one of these formats is customizable.
  • Prime number functions.
  • Trigonometric and Hyperbolic functions, normal and inverse.
  • Statistical functions: group attributes (max, gcd, lcm and more) and distribution values (sd, var, median and more)
  • Bit-level binary functions: binary-and, binary-or, binary-shift and more.
  • Units and conversions: meter -> foot, ounce -> gram, liter -> pint, day -> minute, C -> F and many more.
  • Numeric bases: binary, octal, hexadecimal, in fact all number bases from 2 to 36 are supported in all functions and all display formats. Easily convert from any numeric base to any other.
  • Complex numbers are natively supported and also accompanied by a specialized set of access functions.
  • Annotate, edit and repeat your calculations in the work area. Save your work for later use: select either a text (.txt) or rich-edit (.rtf) document, restore it, email it, edit it with a word processor, etc.
  • Comprehensive online help is included. You'll need it given all these features!
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    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    16-Mar-2005 10 Daniel_ Highly-recommended calculator/convertor program for both science and home finances. Complex numbers, number bases other than 10, even fractions can be used directly.
    05-Feb-2005 10 BirdMan Ah, finally a calculator that is worth it. Financial annuity functions support different interest periods and payment periods, start or end of period payment, clear durations (you write "10 yr" for example). All sorts of nice features for the techie types too.
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    Quick facts
    Product AddUp
    Version 2
    Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98
    Filesize 274 K
    Released 26-Jan-2005
    License Shareware
    Cost $15.00
    Expires Expires after 31 Days
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 144 (0)
    Rating 10 (0)
    Votes 8 (0)
    Summary rating +8.00 (0)
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