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 9.95 UNIT CONVERTER for Pocket PC

9.95 UNIT CONVERTER allows you to perform over 4,000 DIFFERENT CONVERSIONS between 200+ UNITS organized in 12 CATEGORIES. Perfect when traveling abroad, in the kitchen, at school, in the lab, at work...


  • CURRENCY AND EURO conversion: Dollars to Yens, Euros to Pounds, Francs to Euros, etc.
  • DISTANCE conversion: feet to meters, nautical miles to kilometers, centimeters to inches, etc.
  • TEMPERATURE conversion: degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, etc.
  • WEIGHT conversion: pounds to kilos, ounces to grams, etc.
  • VOLUME conversion: liters to gallons, pints to cm3, etc.
  • ENGLISH / METRIC conversion: supports many other units (over 200 in total - see the table below)


  • Logical and intuitive user interface with built-in help
  • Use the CLIPBOARD to copy and paste values from/to other programs
  • Define new units and categories with the UNIT EDITOR
  • Apply metric prefixes to metric units
  • Select between default and scientific display modes
  • Supports MEMORY CARDS as well as grayscale, color, and high-resolution screens


  • SECURE online ordering
  • NO WAITING: Instant download
  • FREE lifetime software upgrades
  • SAME DAY customer support


  • AREA: Acre, (hect) Are, Barn, Circular inch, Hide, Square foot, Square inch, Square (centi, kilo...) meter, Square mile, Square yard

  • CURRENCY: $ (Australia), $ (Canada), $ (U.S.), £ (Ireland), £ (U.K.), • (Japan), А (Euro), Drachma (Greece), Escudo (Portugal), Franc (Belgium), Franc (France), Franc (Luxembourg), Guilder (Netherlands), Lira (Italy), Mark (Germany), Markka (Finland), Peseta (Spain), Schilling (Austria), Define your own currencies

  • DISTANCE: Angstrom, Astronomical unit, Fathom, Foot, Inch, Light year, (centi, kilo...) Meter, Micron, Mile, Nautical mile, (kilo) Parsec, Pica, Computer, Point, Computer, Pica, Printer, Point, Printer, Yard

  • ENERGY: Btu (IT), Btu (mean), Btu (th), (kilo) Calorie (food), (kilo) Calorie (IT), (kilo) Calorie (Mean), (kilo) Calorie (th), (kilo) Erg, (kilo, mega) Joule, (kilo, mega...) Watt / hour, (kilo, mega...) Watt / second

  • FUEL CONSUMPT.: Gallon UK / 100 km, Gallon UK / 100 miles, Gallon US / 100 km, Gallon US / 100 miles, Liter / 100 km, Liter / 100 miles

  • POWER: Btu / hour, Btu / minute, Btu / second, (kilo) Calorie / hour, (kilo) Calorie / minute, Horsepower elec., Horsepower metr., (kilo, mega) Joule / hour, (kilo, mega) Joule / minute, (kilo, mega) Joule / second, (kilo, mega...) Watt

  • PRESSURE: Atmosphere, (milli, kilo) Bar, Inch of mercury, Inch of water, (milli, centi) Meter of mercury, (milli, centi) Meter of water, (hecto) Pascal, Psf, Psi

  • SPEED: Knot, Mach, (kilo) Meter / hour, (kilo) Meter / second, Mile / hour, Mile / second, Yard / hour, Yard / second

  • TEMPERATURE: Degree Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin

  • TIME: Day, Hour, Minute, (milli, micro...) Second

  • VOLUME: Barrel US, Bushel UK, Bushel US, Cubic foot, Cubic inch, Cubic yard, Cup, Fluid ounce UK, Fluid ounce US, Gallon - dry US, Gallon UK, Gallon - liquid US, (milli, centi) Liter, (milli, centi...) Meter3, Pint UK, Pint - dry US, Pint - liquid US, Quart UK, Quart - dry US, Quart - liquid US, Tablespoon, Teaspoon

  • WEIGHT: (Long) Ton UK, (Short) Ton US, Atomic mass unit, Carat metric, (milli, kilo...) Gram, Hundredweights (l), Hundredweights (s), Ounce, Pound, Quintal, Stone, (kilo) Tonne

  • ** 9.95 SOFT *** *** BEST SELLING SOFTWARE AT $9.95 ***

    9.95 UNIT CONVERTER is based on Units, released under the GPL and (c) 1998 Francois Pessaux.
  • Requirements: 350 KB RAM, Any Pocket PC device

    Secure order/purchase page for 9.95 UNIT CONVERTER for Pocket PC

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    Quick facts
    Product 9.95 UNIT CONVERTER for Pocket PC
    Version 3.1
    Publisher 9.95 SOFT
    Platform Windows CE
    Filesize 1,032 K
    Released 05-Aug-2004
    License Shareware
    Cost $9.95
    Expires Never Expires
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 221 (0)
    Rating 10 (0)
    Votes 2 (0)
    Summary rating +2.00 (0)
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