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 MP3 MMF Converter

Making colorful polyphonic ringtone for your phone and ringtones website!

Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtone converter and composition software, which allows you convert MIDI to ringtone, mp3 to ringtone and wave to cellphone polyphonic ringtone or compose your own polyphonic ringtone.

You can convert midi to mmf, midi to sp-midi, mp3 to mmf, wav to mmf and mp3 to wav format. Sp-midi is nokia ringtone format and more cellphone brands polyphonic ringtone format.

You can write your own music in Mobile Music Polyphonic(ringtone composer) and save to polyphonic ringtone format file. It can save your music into standard MIDI, SP midi and SMAF format (*.mmf) file. You can convert mid file to mmf file, mmf file to mid file, standard midi to sp midi, wave to mmf, mp3 to mmf format.

1. Compose your own music by click mouse, setup different key signature, clef and meter. Setup score tempo.
2. Seperate several midi channels from many complex channels midi file
3. Can save part midi data from long complex midi file.
4. Setup music instrument to every midi channel.
5. Compose any complex music sheet, including channel position, volume, priority in sp-midi.
6. Convert midi to mmf, midi to sp-midi
7. Convert mp3 to mmf, wave to mmf, mp3 to wave. But can't convert mp3/wave to midi now.

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
08-Jul-2004 10 nadeem nice software
18-Jun-2004 2 timmie Mp3 to mmf is not supported for one... my siemens s55 is not listed in their list of phones... etc... not worth to buy.
30-May-2004 1 gurudave1 Cobbled SW by somebody trying to make money from something you can get for free. Better to use your favorite freware recorder/MIDI (e.g. AUDACITY) and do the conversion with PSMPlayer, both of which are TRUE freeware...
12-May-2004 1 scapula this stuff is so bad! it's very hard to used... hey! you must create a better one for us to be satisfied. This stuff won't work for me.
10-May-2004 1 appleone Very Bad Instruction, Purchased, couldn't even make my MP3 or WAVE to work with my Motorola V600... Very Bad Instruction... NO GOOD SOFTWARE! They need to hire a person who knows how to write instructions, not Chinese English!!!!!
07-Apr-2004 10 babur it should be free but the trial version is a(((((((( waste)))))))))))
04-Apr-2004 10 sdrury3472 I will not buy this program as 1 sec is not any good to me if it had been fully functional but only allowed a limited number of full conversions to 5. I for one would have been happy to pay for this program but who in there right mind will send money for something they dont know will do the job they want it to do ????
15-Mar-2004 10 mrrua i don't like it not can cover 16 second..too small
13-Mar-2004 10 aarshad good soft
09-Mar-2004 10 chaowit_c Great experience!
03-Mar-2004 10 moon_arman2 its realy sucks just a borring shit waisting time nothing much its better that you dont allow free trail because you are just waisting peoples time , i hate you cheats and your silly software
24-Feb-2004 1 b3175 Nothing in the online help about mp3 files. And the demo version has nothing so I cannot buy something that fails to show me what it says it can do.
13-Feb-2004 10 M_RES The software is good, and the price not unreasonably high (considering how much the commercial ringtone market is currently worth) - and with so many free midi files available on the net and just a small amount of WML (like HTML only EASIER!!!) you too can build your very own ringtone download site. The demo is far too restrictive (4 beats is ridiculously short) and would have worked better to show off the ware if it had been fully functional but only allowed a limited number of full conversions - say 5 or 10 so that users could get a true feel for what they can do with this package. Other than that, 10/10... nice one!
12-Feb-2004 8 fox it does the job... you did well...but few people will like the ideea to pay for it...
03-Feb-2004 1 asddasds How can one bring out a tial version that only allow 4 tones to export. How are you supposed to TRY out the software like this. This is RIDICULOUS!!!
30-Jan-2004 10 omer42 not enauf memory but it works
22-Jan-2004 10 burhan burhan
09-Jan-2004 3 Sulastowo I don't like it. Because I have to pay for such a thing...
08-Jan-2004 10 te16024 I love it
06-Jan-2004 10 tejas vary best
31-Dec-2003 10 dr_adnan This is good to facilitate the people and to solve the problem of people just like me.
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Quick facts
Product MP3 MMF Converter
Version 1.5
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 2,755 K
Released 30-Oct-2003
License Shareware
Cost $29.95
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 82838 (0)
Rating 8.76 (0)
Votes 2789 (0)
Summary rating +1748.66 (0)
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