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 MP3 MMF Converter

Making colorful polyphonic ringtone for your phone and ringtones website!

Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtone converter and composition software, which allows you convert MIDI to ringtone, mp3 to ringtone and wave to cellphone polyphonic ringtone or compose your own polyphonic ringtone.

You can convert midi to mmf, midi to sp-midi, mp3 to mmf, wav to mmf and mp3 to wav format. Sp-midi is nokia ringtone format and more cellphone brands polyphonic ringtone format.

You can write your own music in Mobile Music Polyphonic(ringtone composer) and save to polyphonic ringtone format file. It can save your music into standard MIDI, SP midi and SMAF format (*.mmf) file. You can convert mid file to mmf file, mmf file to mid file, standard midi to sp midi, wave to mmf, mp3 to mmf format.

1. Compose your own music by click mouse, setup different key signature, clef and meter. Setup score tempo.
2. Seperate several midi channels from many complex channels midi file
3. Can save part midi data from long complex midi file.
4. Setup music instrument to every midi channel.
5. Compose any complex music sheet, including channel position, volume, priority in sp-midi.
6. Convert midi to mmf, midi to sp-midi
7. Convert mp3 to mmf, wave to mmf, mp3 to wave. But can't convert mp3/wave to midi now.

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
09-Aug-2005 1 asdfghjkl stupid setup doesn't work :P i ave xp...
09-Aug-2005 1 tg stupid setup doesn't work :P i ave xp...
24-Jun-2005 10 u171 ...
09-May-2005 10 farhan1976 please could u send me 3gp to avi player
19-Apr-2005 NR imti Is there any type of program where as i can convert ... MMF to MP3 or.. MMF to WAV or MMF to MiDi I will be looking forword in hearing some good results!! Many Thanks
18-Apr-2005 9 obande pls send me how to down load mmf converter i want to down load lg ring tones
11-Apr-2005 NR khajamazhar i actual need for mp3 to mmf converter softwares, if you can supply me full version, i will be very thanks.
09-Mar-2005 NR Alex I think no, T610 supports MIDI files as ringtones, not Wav or Mp3.
14-Feb-2005 NR gibby ok look im new to all this i want to know is there anyway i can put sound or voice files on a sony ericsson T610 as ring tones
02-Feb-2005 10 abasu i have one Saamsung E700 & Nokia 3100 phone, is there any software available free or trial vertion to convert mp3 file to .mmf Pleasse send/inform to
25-Jan-2005 NR jani hi i'm linda hamilton
21-Jan-2005 10 217 this is verry good audi software... thanks for your product
09-Dec-2004 6 hellLover I have MMF converter but i neew Midi files
01-Dec-2004 1 Steph4 MP3 Converter is better
08-Nov-2004 1 Kze Link Downloads CODING WORKSHOP TOOL Not MMPoly
25-Oct-2004 10 muneeb plz send me the wav file tones fo sendo mobile number is 923336151793
23-Oct-2004 10 jhophet please can i get a trial version only of mp3 converter......
20-Oct-2004 6 nanda sss
09-Oct-2004 10 das best
21-Sep-2004 10 jenjen tnx
20-Sep-2004 NR sooty cant b bothered with this does any1 no how to get the sheets wot u jus tupe in 2 ur fone
19-Sep-2004 1 poopoop well it dont sound like you got to many fans also sounds like you should invest in a better product cos the word
15-Sep-2004 10 munirsworld h
15-Sep-2004 10 hemal Hi i am hemal i am trying to fin the MP3 / MIDI to MMF converter & i wiil shown on u r web site but i cant afford to purchase your software please send me a full version software on my email id :
31-Aug-2004 10 mali355 Hello Ali Here. i Can't efford the payment in dollars, please send me the softwar of mp3 to mmf file converter. thanks
22-Aug-2004 8 tantray Classical Software. Nice look and eazy to use. A user friendly software. It will concure the Market if its price is a bit hight and if there are some more fitures added to it. For more consultation. Please call me at 00923006127344
19-Aug-2004 10 amanpreet_sidhu86 hi your midi convertor is just great software. ihad seen many other softwares but not like this one can you just send it free to me on my mail address
09-Aug-2004 8 bay Please I need a converter to enbale me convert my popular music as a ringtone for my handset. But the problem I have is how to pay in Dollars. I am based in Nigeria. Please if you can help to let me have this software for use I will be grateful. Or I could send my music for conversion into MMF files and be return to me. My EMail is Thanks.
24-Jul-2004 10 tiger223 i with actual need for mp3 to mmf converter softwares,if you can supply me ,i will be very thanks
08-Jul-2004 1 Bigmac Converted Back in Black from mp3 to mmf for my Samsung E105. Emailed it to my phone (it seemed to email fine through Outlook Express) but never came up in my phone. That REALLY SUCKS!
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Quick facts
Product MP3 MMF Converter
Version 1.5
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 2,755 K
Released 30-Oct-2003
License Shareware
Cost $29.95
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 82838 (0)
Rating 8.76 (0)
Votes 2789 (0)
Summary rating +1748.66 (0)
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MIDI Tracker
Create polyphonic ringtones for your mobiles with this MIDI music editor! Free to download.
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