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TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter

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Version 1.6   No Registration Required
28-Jul-2003 6,494 K Win 3.X/95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
FABULOUS CD Quality Midi w/o a soundcard! Uses .sf2 or .pat file of your choice. Also Converts MID to WAV or MP3 in 1-step, ready to burn to your CD. Works on most older PCs 233Mhz+.
Published by tbrechbill TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter Home Page
Simple installation utility for TiMidity++, a FREE CD Quality Midi player, Midi to WAV/MP3 converter.
* FREE - No soundcard required
* Play or convert midi files to WAV or MP3 in 1-step
* Fabulous sound without a soundcard
* Runs good on most older PCs (233Mhz 64Mb RAM)
* Uses .sf2 (Merlin, Cadenza, Fluid, etc.) or .pat files of your choice
* Default sf2 file included is small (6mb) but reasonably good quality
* Provides links to get better quality FREE soundfonts
* Config files already included for most popular sf2 banks
* Sample original midi files composed by the Author

Please accept default installation directory of c:\ for everything to work properly without modifications. If you do not accept the default you will need to change the .cfg files with WordPad to point to the proper directories.

* For any problems, please see the installation help and Timidity Forum at http://timidity.proboards26.com

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