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 Auto Azan Player

Auto Azan Player as name say it all.
it play AZAN(Muslims prayer call) for 5 times a day,
just set the time as in your country it plays it automatically.

Must Have!.

  • Duplicate Finder

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  • Requirements: VB6 Runtime

    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    11-Aug-2003 5 Review team 5/10
    24-Sep-2007 NR Leo321 Jazak Allah
    02-Mar-2006 10 produksi_01 I won't it
    02-Dec-2005 10 dipu_raj04 Very Fine Player.
    04-Mar-2005 NR sbharde2000 it is simply grt.Thanks a alot.
    08-Dec-2004 10 inde786 very clear HUMAIR
    18-Nov-2004 10 shoaib_awan Realy I love this software, especialy those who live in the countery where muslim can't use loud speaker, for any purpus,
    17-Oct-2004 10 saqi Bismillah Herahmaan nirraheem it,s softw is very good
    17-Oct-2004 10 saqib Bismillah Herahmaan nirraheem it,s softw is very good
    14-Oct-2004 10 ghouse its very good
    08-Jun-2004 10 reply2sms i found it excellent mashaallah
    07-Apr-2004 10 unity mashaallah very good jazzaakallahokhair
    03-Mar-2004 10 Abeer cant play auto azan
    26-Feb-2004 10 ala my little boy wants to hear the AZAN as we are in non Muslim Country.Jazakum Allah Kul Khair
    11-Feb-2004 10 emy Alhamdulillah..may Allah bless us
    27-Jan-2004 10 Momin08 Salam,,JAZAKULLAH,,,u know the name of Allah is being taken throught the day(24 hours),,,without any gap,,, MASHALLAH,,,Allah Hafiz
    30-Dec-2003 10 mngn Gazaaka allahu khayran
    30-Dec-2003 10 nuplin Very good
    28-Dec-2003 10 fshaikh Its amazing
    23-Dec-2003 10 a_raymond98 how to download this software??
    02-Nov-2003 10 galigono Subnallah...excellant thing in the world, hatur nuhun pisan....
    21-Oct-2003 10 cris excellent
    14-Oct-2003 10 Ashfaq Very good Azan
    09-Oct-2003 10 syedmoin Very Good
    06-Oct-2003 10 adi_29 good azan
    23-Sep-2003 8 makhls very good
    23-Sep-2003 8 makhls very nice one
    23-Aug-2003 10 zainvi excellant thing in the world
    10-Aug-2003 10 Imran One of the best alarm to get up with. thanks
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    Quick facts
    Product Auto Azan Player
    Version 2
    Publisher Ashi
    Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
    Filesize 508 K
    Released 10-Oct-2000
    License Freeware
    Cost $0.00
    Expires Never Expires
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 5299 (0)
    Rating 9.23 (0)
    Votes 404 (0)
    Summary rating +310.66 (0)
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