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 Blaze MediaConvert

Blaze MediaConvert is a powerful multimedia batch converter supporting conversion among over 140 image, audio, animation, and video formats quickly and easily. Unlike other conversion applications that support only one or (at most) a few formats, Blaze MediaConvert is able to batch convert among nearly all multimedia formats conceivable.

For audio formats, two-way conversions among CD, MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG, audio compression, and more are all supported. The software features advanced audio CD burning from any of the supported formats.

Blaze MediaConvert can also perform two-way video conversions among MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, MOV, SWF, FLV, iPod, PSP, and 3GP. The Video Constructor combines selected images to create a video in the destination format. The Video Decompiler saves all frames within the selected video as single images. The extracted images can be saved as BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PNM, RAS, RGB, TGA, TIFF, and XPM.

The CD Recorder allows you to burn MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG files to CDR and CDR/W. Its features include Fast multi-threaded design, Advanced buffering for superior performance, Easy track manipulation, Works easily with IDE and SCSI CD drives, Disk caching offered for the best quality results possible, and the ability to Write from network locations with caching feature.

The CD Converter provides many advanced options, including a CDDB auto-save feature, which enables track title, artist, and album information to be dynamically downloaded from the Internet CD Database and used when converting CD to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG.

Additional features include Animated GIF creation, Animated GIF decompiling, drag and drop support, versatile preferences for maximum control, and much more.

The conversions are easy to use and straight-forward. Simply select the type of conversion you want to perform, add the files to convert, arrange the files in any desired order (optional), select the output format, and select the convert command.

Requirements: Pentium CPU, 1 GB RAM, 25 MB disk space, CD-ROM Drive, CD-R(W) Drive for CD Burning

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
17-Aug-2003 10 Review team 10/10
18-Nov-2003 1 randomme 404 on DL. Bad sign.
17-Nov-2003 10 yahbitch Have a feeling this program would work well if only i had the correct codecs' for avi files. anyone know how to get them?
24-Oct-2003 10 hmx its great
08-Oct-2003 2 JoeB This program is definitively a bad one
25-Sep-2003 10 amirm Can it convert wmv to dat so that i can make a vcd out of it?
30-Aug-2003 10 tigerfish can this software convert a video form to an audio form?
16-Aug-2003 10 vinoy ya really doing great!
01-Jul-2003 3 Jonge Backup any files you want to covert as this program crashes all over the shop on Win ME & XP
06-Jun-2003 7 coco55 Not bad at all. I had no problems with the install on XP, it converted a 5MB WMV file to a MPG1 in about 4 minutes on my laptop. The GUI is a little too small for my taste... but if that doesn't bother you...Go for it!
30-Apr-2003 1 maxini it's a buggy soft, it does not convert my files and i have to reboot XP!
29-Apr-2003 10 Jardini Works as advertized. Very useful conversion utility at the right price.
28-Apr-2003 10 fathoni_mhd nice software
19-Apr-2003 3 barrabas does not convert my jpeg images and displays sometimes strange windows such as 'error 131' ??
02-Apr-2003 1 aldo128 crashed when installing. terrible !
05-Feb-2003 10 abcde advanced
11-Jan-2003 10 wullie13 A FIRST CLASS PROGRAM
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Quick facts
Product Blaze MediaConvert
Version 4.0
Publisher Mystik Media
Platform Windows Vista/XP/2000/98
Filesize 13,860 K
Released 02-Apr-2008
License Shareware
Cost $40.00
Expires Expires after 15 Days
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 27613 (0)
Rating 4.5 (0)
Votes 20 (0)
Summary rating -13.33 (0)
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