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 MIDI Tracker

MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing notes by PC keyboard. It is easy to create a song from a several patterns without any copy/paste operations.

All in one
MIDI Tracker is continuation of music trackers such as FastTracker and ImpulseTracker. To work with MIDI Tracker you don’t need any additional music equipment, except your sound card. You can play, edit and record notes by pressing keys of PC keyboard.

MIDI music editor
MIDI Tracker uses own file format for loading and saving. However, MIDI Tracker has MIDI import and MIDI export functions to compatibility with other systems. MIDI file size optimized to keep it as small as possible. In addition, you can import FastTracker module (XM file), for example, to convert it to MIDI format.

It is simple
You can play on your keyboard like playing on MIDI keyboard (with 32 keys) and change the octave by pressing single key (keys F1-F8).

Using with sound banks.
You can use it with.SBK or .SF2 sound banks

Mobile devices
There are several advantages of using MIDI Tracker for music for mobile devices (mobile phones).
  • Small file size (usual these devices has a very limited memory size)
  • Easy access to volume control (to make maximum song volume)
  • Fast music production (you can make 4min song from 1 or 2 patterns)

    We decided to keep the layout as easy to use as possible. Therefore, there are only two switching screens: pattern view and order view (song order). All other functions are accessible from the toolbar, main menu or shortcuts.

    Misc. functions
  • Transpose track, pattern, channel, block up and down by halftone
  • Enhanced transpose (using song key tone)
  • Add / remove track
  • Add / remove channel
  • MIDI device choice
  • Choose patch, volume, disable and enable channels (mute, solo) from the toolbar
  • Playing and inserting notes and chords
  • Requirements: No special requirements

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    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    21-Jul-2003 10 Review team 10/10
    19-Feb-2016 NR Alex MIDI Tracker is still alive. If you have any suggestions you can post it as review or send email to developer. Thank you!
    24-Mar-2013 NR Alex Hello, everybody MIDI Tracker is alive and will be continued
    27-Aug-2010 NR xikoo MIDI Music sequencer for Windows. Use it for mobile phones, use it for MIDI export, just try it!
    20-Aug-2010 NR Alex Visit, use $10 discount coupon to purshase MIDI Tracker.
    18-May-2009 10 Xyno I was searching a tracker for my win95 laptop that can use my FM midi in it and making Sega Geesis Style song...I FOUND IT !!! MIDI Tracker is AWESOME !!!
    16-Aug-2007 7 Eagle_Tas I have tried MIDI Tracker for a while and made songs for professional sales in it. As far as I can tell, this is one of the best adaptions of MIDI in a tracker. However it suffers from various minor short-comings. One is the random crashing. When working in split mode, changing the order list sometimes corrupt the patterns, changing patterns while the song is playing and so on corrupts as well. Another problem is lack of documentation. Although MIDI Tracker is quite simple, most of the interface is left to the end user to figure out him-/herself. Third problem is lag between patterns when following songs. Although minor, it still remains irritating. To not make this review too one-sided, MIDI Tracker does have features that adds to it's power. One is the good one pattern per channel idea. It makes editing a bit easier when dealing with loops and repeats. Another is the optimisers who automatically rid your module of junk data like unused tracks. Between the bugs, glitches and mysteries, MIDI Tracker has stood up quite well along my trial period of generous 3 months and I definitely plan to purchase it. However, bug fixing and better documentation is definitely in order.
    18-Aug-2006 10 sashaek It is cool! I like this programm. Trackers - it is GREAT! midi tracker is more better handy then any midi sequencer!
    01-Dec-2005 NR Alex Please post your comments here. Do you like it or not? What do we need to do with MT to make it better? I'm waiting for your comments.
    19-Aug-2004 10 draculavampee im searching for a software from my piano to make a midi tune for mobile phones. can you help
    29-Jul-2004 10 grewal not too good or not bad
    11-Feb-2004 10 Ranjkar Ranjkar Its Grate :X TNX
    06-Feb-2004 10 eriernanda Great man....Use it immediatelly
    23-Jan-2004 5 BlueGuy not bad
    14-Dec-2003 10 marian it's not bad!
    13-Dec-2003 7 byte Voli Vas G I L E iz Zenice
    21-Nov-2003 10 saurabh GREAT!!!!!
    13-Nov-2003 10 Redican Hi my nameas Rachel
    31-Oct-2003 10 sunny5837 i can't download this program. it gets to 99% and then stops and says resume isn't supported..... loooool
    14-Jun-2003 10 mrmusic2u I am trying to find a program that will take a vocal tune and allow me to choose instrumentation to replace the
    28-Dec-2002 7 Alex I'm hope you will like this program. Free to mail me if you have any suggestions. Version 1.0.5 still not enough documentated, you can write your questions by e-mail and I'll try to answer all the questions. My vote is 7: many ideas (think it's good), but haven't a time to implement its all.
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    Quick facts
    Product MIDI Tracker
    Version 1.7.6
    Publisher RF1 Systems
    Platform Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
    Filesize 868 K
    Released 25-Dec-2020
    License Shareware
    Cost $29.95
    Expires Expires after 60 Days
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 72076 (2)
    Rating 8.47 (0)
    Votes 835 (0)
    Summary rating +450.14 (0)
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    MIDI Tracker
    Create polyphonic ringtones for your mobiles with this MIDI music editor! Free to download.
    Melodic dance music, free mp3 downloads
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