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21-Jun-2002 - added to the library
29-Oct-2008 Version changed from "1.5.6" to "1.5.7"
03-Apr-2009 Version changed from "1.5.7" to "1.6.0"
09-Oct-2009 Version changed from "1.6.0" to "1.6.1"
29-Jan-2010 Version changed from "1.6.1" to "1.6.2"
25-Aug-2010 Version changed from "1.6.2" to "1.6.3"
02-Sep-2010 Version changed from "1.6.3" to "1.7.0"
30-Dec-2010 Name changed from "Player" to "ICEPlayer"
30-Dec-2010 Version changed from "1.7.0" to "1.7.1"
22-Jun-2011 Name changed from "ICEPlayer" to "Player"
25-Jun-2011 Version changed from "1.7.1" to "1.7.2"
15-Nov-2016 Version changed from "1.7.2" to "1.7.4"
06-Feb-2019 Version changed from "1.7.4" to "1.7.5"
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
26-Aug-2003 10 Review team 10/10
19-Feb-2006 NR rajora4 thanx
22-Jan-2005 10 test good!
04-Nov-2004 10 steven81i i wanna that software for a trial
04-Apr-2004 10 q1w2e3r4t5 good
22-Mar-2004 10 dabunny I have downloaded many karaoke songs but want to convert them to play on a portable karaoke player. Will this program do this for me?
20-Mar-2004 10 shaveta2k I am going to try this, Hope this will be good
16-Mar-2004 10 dab I have a CD with a movie on it (CDFS) file. Will the Player handle this file type, and how do I execute it?
08-Mar-2004 10 hankejh Cool software, but how do I use cue files it creates when burning to CD?
27-Feb-2004 7 all ok
25-Feb-2004 10 Saleem When I down load and start to install an error write come out [ illegal operation , contact the program vendor.
21-Feb-2004 6 ranishs ok
20-Feb-2004 10 hendrik i want to test this software
18-Feb-2004 10 somchaip I want to test
15-Feb-2004 10 erngan cool man
07-Feb-2004 10 Shadowstones its a real web site where you find what you look for
27-Jan-2004 10 Hery thak's a lot
23-Jan-2004 8 XVideoConverter good
07-Jan-2004 10 paulus i downloaded a lot of stuff from this site and everyting works perfect
04-Jan-2004 7 porcho this player is ok...but I couldnґt find a way to handle cue files...
02-Jan-2004 10 bhartendu12ka4 good
25-Dec-2003 10 meather thx
21-Dec-2003 10 allen333 greate thingy boy
08-Dec-2003 5 manypines Player seems fine, but not what I wanted, went to install it and I can't. Have written to developer, will update if I get an answer on how to uninstall and remove.
06-Dec-2003 10 floorshaker cool software man...
23-Nov-2003 10 maxim_sequeira Its a realy cool site were find lot of cool stuffffffff
21-Nov-2003 10 martinv good
15-Nov-2003 10 vegax1958 cool
15-Nov-2003 3 Gujranwalla Got
14-Nov-2003 8 winy this is great
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Quick facts
Product Player
Version 1.7.5
Publisher RF1 Systems
Platform Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 1,208 K
Released 06-Feb-2019
License Shareware
Cost $14.95
Expires Expires after 30 Days
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 229718 (4)
Rating 8.99 (0)
Votes 3411 (0)
Summary rating +2371.37 (0)
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