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Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats include MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2. The list and playing position saved automatically. Also supports m3u list manipulations: load, save, modify. 5 displaying modes: micro, brief, medium, full and background.

5 different views allow you to choose from many views. Even in micro mode you can resize the window of the Player. 2 modes without playlist: brief and micro and 2 modes with playlist: medium and full. The Player remembers the last chosen mode from the first two and the last chosen mode from the second, it allows you to change between them easily by pressing 'Switch mode' button. Full mode allows you to sort the playlist by any criteria such as artist, title, genre, year. 5th mode (background mode) allows you to control the Player from popup menu in the system tray.

Video window
Video window is a separate window without border. Allowed video modes are 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, full screen with control, full screen without control. Control (player window in brief mode) can be docked at top of the video window, at bottom of video window or undocked.

You can add items in the playlist, sort the list, delete selected items, delete not existing files with one click. Also you can assign additional file to any media file and add virtual tracks (cue tracks).

Virtual tracks
Virtual track is not an actual track, it contains only start position and description, not actual data. It is made to make navigation through each individual file more friendly. Especially it can help you to play long files, such as video films or dj mixes. You can fully manipulate the virtual tracks inside the Player. Cue file format is used for saving all information about virtual tracks. Some of its advantages are ability to edit cue files manually (it's a text format) and to import a cue file in many CD burning programs.

Requirements: Windows Media Player 5.2 or higher
Trial version Limitations: None
Awards: VNUNet choice, Webactivemagazine 5 of 5 award

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
11-Nov-2003 10 Ramin thanks
03-Nov-2003 10 asath excellent
31-Oct-2003 10 kapson_cool i have a swf files n i want those to convert in any video format
13-Oct-2003 6 ramprasd_m i have a wmv file with me.i am able to hear only the sounds am not able to view the moving clips there.could anyone give me a suitable solution for this?
24-Sep-2003 10 russellz what is the code that it ask me to insert?
24-Sep-2003 10 jallidap its really usable!!
21-Sep-2003 10 balaji it is best one to enjoy
13-Sep-2003 10 vikash best
02-Sep-2003 4 rajkhichi just now installed and tried to run one mpeg. it says -
29-Aug-2003 10 asif cOOOOOOOOl SoftwarE
11-Aug-2003 NR xXx Platform: Windows all versions not Windoes CE it's not :-(
01-Aug-2003 10 rupa this is really very good.
24-Jul-2003 9 maucho excellent
23-Jul-2003 NR Alex If you have ANY problems with file associations: 1. Choose 'Options'->'Player Settings'->'File types'. Uncheck unnessesary file types. It will restore file association with previous program. 2. After uninstall Player restores all file associations to previous programs. 3. You can always associate file type into Windows Media Player or WinAmp. Choose 'Settings'->..'File types' into WMP or WinAmp.
25-Jun-2003 2 saf Steals your file associations without permission. DidnТt work for me and messed up file associations after I removed it. DonТt use it. Find something better.
20-Jun-2003 NR Alex It is not a converter, it's a Player
15-Jun-2003 10 jolan Excelent..and...good player.. thanks .. kiss to the author ... see ya
29-May-2003 8 jarose ey, i haven't seen any converter on this software!, how can convert my music onto wav,vid,mde!.. hope i they are only hiding....later ill scan the software.. :)..
21-May-2003 10 aasif72112 I have never seen a player like this. ECELLENT
19-Apr-2003 9 AdmZ good player i use it nearly as much as winamp. :) well done
14-Apr-2003 10 ifazal Thats a very good software I really like it.
01-Apr-2003 6 jvogel Problems with *many* files... I have 6500 files on my disk. There should be a configuration flag to load the tags when it plays the file instead at loading time. But nice to manage ID3s, many possibilities.
09-Mar-2003 10 stoopidfresh its hecka tight yo!!!!!!
28-Feb-2003 10 microxpertus Excellend Player
28-Feb-2003 10 varun_40009 I have never seen a player like this. ECELLENT
28-Feb-2003 10 boccuto very good!
25-Feb-2003 10 troubledone EXCELLENT
07-Feb-2003 10 ronzo Awesome mp3 player....way better than anything else including those *other* mp3 players, in terms of resource usage and non-bullshit, all-effective features. Keep it up
31-Jan-2003 10 gabbie Site is to accomodate all of our needs..Thanks to player!!
30-Jan-2003 10 genoblade Hey This is Genoblade I like this player and i allways wanted to write software but i dont know how to start.. can I lear from the masters?
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Quick facts
Product Player
Version 1.7.5
Publisher RF1 Systems
Platform Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 1,208 K
Released 06-Feb-2019
License Shareware
Cost $14.95
Expires Expires after 30 Days
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 229714 (0)
Rating 8.99 (0)
Votes 3411 (0)
Summary rating +2371.37 (0)
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